Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Firefighter Program Design Splits

Here are some ways to set up your firefighter program based on different shifts. The firefighter split is based on High and Low CNS Activities. HIGH CNS Activities/ - Maximal effort weight training (+90% 1RM) - Compound lifts, power cleans, deadlifts, weightlifting - Maximum speed work (+95% effort) starts, accelerations, sprints - High-intensity plyometric jumps, bounds, landings - Sport implement throws (hammer, shot, discus) - Dynamic effort weights - Mixed martial arts or boxing fighting, sparring, or heavy bag - Medicine ball throws done explosively - High-intensity interval training LOW CNS Activities/ - Tempo runs/ drills (<75% intensity) - Dynamic warm-ups/mobility work/corrective exercise - Repetition method (modified) weights/calisthenics - Submaximal speed work - Aquatic drills - Jumping rope - Circuit weight training with sub-max loads - Sled/weighted drags/pushes performed with moderate weight and sub-max efforts - Tire flips performed with moderate to light weight

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Program Design

Most firefighter programs should simple in design.

If fat loss
is your goal:
2 strength + 2 GPP sessions

If strength/hypertrophy is your goal:
3 strength +1 GPP session

You can do Crossfit/powerlifting/ bodybuilding, what ever method you choose.

Just plug it into that template and you'll be good to go.

Next time I'll tell you why a weekly 7 day template is the worst thing for firefighters!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Peri- Workout Nutrition

I keep it simple with my peri-workout nutrition. BCAA during the workout and Whey/ Creatine post workout. I occasionally use other stuff but that's the basics.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tempo Training

Today's training is some Tempo work

3 exercises
8-10 reps
3-5 sets
45 seconds rest MAX
6-8 minutes of active rest between exercises

Goblet Squat
Band Push-up
Dead lift
ActivecRest = power walk on treadmill (the only time you'll see me on a treadmill)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Feet

Twenty five percent of all the bones in the body are in the feet. Take care of them by taking your station boots off whenever you can and roll the bottom of both feet on a soft ball before you hit the rack. One of those rubber bouncy ball will do. You don't need anything harder. It will release the fascia that starts at the bottom of the feet, goes up the back and ends up over the head.