Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Building the Firefighter from the Ground Up

Here are Vern Gambetta’s ideas on how to build the athlete from the ground up. I simply substituted the word firefighter for athlete.

No one system is emphasized to the exclusion of another.
No one method or physical quality becomes an end unto itself.
Each firefighter is a case study of one.
Be real – Avoid artificial restraints and positions.

# 1 Have a road map - Start with a plan, execute it, and evaluate it
# 2 Think big picture – Understand the movement constants
# 3 Learn to use the ground efficiently - Start with gait
# 4 Fundamental movement skills must be mastered before specific firefighting skills can be acquired and advanced training undertaken
# 5 Train Linkage - Train toenails to fingernails
# 6 Train the core as the center of the action
# 7 Build a work capacity base appropriate for your job
# 8 Train sport-appropriate - You are what you train to be
# 9 Think Long-Term - Training is cumulative
# 10 The individual firefighter is the focus - Recognize, train and rehab the individual

Be Safe

Friday, May 1, 2009


I spent the week in Seminole County Florida teaching the IAFF’s Peer Fitness Trainer Class. I always love going to teach in Central Florida. The firefighters are great and there is no better hospitality anywhere for us as instructors…something I appreciate very much…Thank You!

It was a lot of fun trying to deliver some information that will hopefully make a difference to them. The conventional way of thinking is difficult to break…the firefighter conventional way of thinking is almost impossible to change but this group I sense is different and was ready for information not regularly presented to the average firefighter. They’ll be years ahead of their peers when it comes to training information, which in the end will give them the tools to survive.

It's always a pleasure to teach with my buddy from Fairfax County Fire Dept, Ron Gemsheim, and one of the reasons I chose this class.

Thanks to the guys and gals from South Trail, Longwood, Sanford, Seminole County, Orlando, Midway Fire District, Deltona, Kent Washington and Central Jackson County Fire In Blue Springs Missouri.

Everyone is taking the final test as I write this and we’re hoping for a 100% pass rate.

Good luck guys… keep in touch and talk to you soon.

Time to go home after a quick detour and get on my surfboard.