Thursday, August 6, 2009

Acelerated Muscular Development

Smitty from Diesel Crew has come out with what I think is an awesome workout program for firefighters. (I own most of the Diesel products along with this one)

Smitty has an exceptionally well put together program with TREMENDOUS value!

The Accelerated Muscle Development Program!

The program is a 16-week muscle building system developed by bodybuilder and strength coach Jim “Smitty” Smith. It's actually 3 E-Books, Accelerated Muscular Development, Combat Core and Accelerated Corrective Strategies.

The Corrective Strategies Manual that comes with the program is alone worth the price of the entire product. Add all the BONUSES and you have a program you'd be crazy not to invest in.

I don't know any other program out there that puts an emphasis on the importance of posture, which goes right along with my idea of program design.Posture correction should be a very important part of the workout simply because most individuals (including firefighters) are beat up and many have had or are dealing with some kind of injury due to compensations that weaken tissue and affect posture.

I absolutely loved the ,"Quick Reference Guide", which includes a section titled,"What do I do Next? I want to get started NOW!...Brilliant!!!

Personally I like to cut through the BS and get to work. Smitty obviously understands the concept and is probably of the same mentality so...he gives it to you straight.You're able to open the e-book and get started immediately...though I would recommend that once you get to the meat and potatoes that you go back and take the time to read everything in order to get the best out of the program.

If you've read this blog at all you know that I don't endorse SHIT products. My integrity is very important to me and if I tell you I use or recommend a particular product it's simply because I use it or believe that it has value to you the firefighter.

This is one of those products!

Be Safe