Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Firefighter Program Design Splits

Here are some ways to set up your firefighter program based on different shifts. The firefighter split is based on High and Low CNS Activities. HIGH CNS Activities/ - Maximal effort weight training (+90% 1RM) - Compound lifts, power cleans, deadlifts, weightlifting - Maximum speed work (+95% effort) starts, accelerations, sprints - High-intensity plyometric jumps, bounds, landings - Sport implement throws (hammer, shot, discus) - Dynamic effort weights - Mixed martial arts or boxing fighting, sparring, or heavy bag - Medicine ball throws done explosively - High-intensity interval training LOW CNS Activities/ - Tempo runs/ drills (<75% intensity) - Dynamic warm-ups/mobility work/corrective exercise - Repetition method (modified) weights/calisthenics - Submaximal speed work - Aquatic drills - Jumping rope - Circuit weight training with sub-max loads - Sled/weighted drags/pushes performed with moderate weight and sub-max efforts - Tire flips performed with moderate to light weight